Our Leadership

Sabra Waldman

Director Of Operations

Sabra Waldman is deeply connected to the rich past of modern Messianic Judaism and enthusiastically committed to its bright future. She holds a degree in Public Relations from The University of Texas and has lived both in the United States and Israel. She has been involved in Messianic Jewish youth ministry leadership for over 25 years. Sabra was instrumental in the formation of the UMJC Youth, she has served on the YMJA Messiah conference planning committee, as well as co-leading groundbreaking joint YMJA-UMJCY conferences. Sabra has also led a vibrant youth group in her home congregation, Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue in Dallas, Texas, which her parents founded. She is experienced in planning and executing events, retreats, conferences, Israel tours, and international outreach trips for young messianics. Sabra is passionate about building meaningful intergenerational relationships. She finds joy in helping youth and young adults grow spiritually and express themselves as they navigate identity and faith. Sabra loves to laugh, spend time with her amazing 10 year old daughter Sivan, and walk through the journeys of life with her family and friends.


Secretary and Ministries Coordinator

Hannah grew up in the YMJA. She is a former YMJA Regional Representative, has served on many Messiah Conference YMJA leadership teams and currently serves as Secretary on the YMJA Executive Committee. She grew up at Congregation Beth Hallel in Atlanta and is still actively involved. Hannah enjoys connecting with young people and runs the youth only retreats among many other duties. She experienced both personal enjoyment and immense spiritual growth at the regional retreats for many years and is now blessed with the responsibility to run them. She has been event planning for several years in different arenas; coordinating ministry cruises, conferences, birthday parties, bridal weekends and family gatherings. Hannah loves people, which is why she choose to study the hospitality field with hopes to combine that with ministry. She has said for a few years that her dream job would be to work for the YMJA and in 2016 that dream came true. The YMJA has provided her with opportunities that God has used to change her life over and over again, and for that she is forever grateful!




Ravi Goldberg is originally from Upstate New York and currently lives in Tampa, FL. In addition to the great weather, he loves living in Tampa where he can be close to his family and his congregation, Shoresh David. Ravi is a senior at the University of Tampa. He currently works for a local nonprofit. For fun, Ravi watches comedies and reads nonfiction, but some of the most fun and formative experiences of his life have happened at YMJA events. Ravi is excited for what G-d is going to do in the YMJA this coming year!


Vice President

Melissa has lived her whole life in Philadelphia, PA, attending Beth Yeshua. She recently got her Masters in Special Education and Autism Studies, and teaches 2nd Grade Special Education. Her days are full of silliness, empowering kids to be their best, and lots of energy, which she loves! She has been a part of the YMJA ever since she turned 13 and has been serving in a leadership role since 2010. So many of her favorite memories in life involve the YMJA - going on the Experience Israel trip, attending Messiah Conference every year, serving with the Leadership Team and Executive Committee, and so many more! In her little spare time, she loves singing and dancing whenever possible, drinking anything from Starbucks, spending time outside in the sunshine, and having adventures with her friends and family. 

Nyssa Worthington-Kirsch


Nyssa lives in Philadelphia, PA and is a lifetime member of Congregation Beth Yeshua. Nyssa is the co-leader of Beth Yeshua’s Ko’ach Young Adults ministry, and enjoys organizing many events for this group at the congregation. A member of the YMJA since age 13, Nyssa cares deeply about building Messianic community! Nyssa currently works as a Program Coordinator for the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a graduate student there, studying for her Master’s degree in Education, with a focus in Teaching English as a Second Language. For fun, Nyssa is an avid dancer, and performs regularly with a Latin dance studio. She enjoys pretty much any activity that gets her moving - hiking, swimming in the ocean, or even just taking a walk in downtown Philadelphia.

Leah Charles

Honorary Executive

Leah Charles was born and raised in New York and has been involved in the Messianic movement for 18 years. Her passion is youth ministry and she’s worked with Messianic youth both at Messianic conferences and at her congregation, Shuvah Yisrael in Long Island. Leah also works in education at the New-York Historical Society in NYC and loves getting kids excited about history. Her most recent obsessions include: The Hamilton musical (because who doesn’t want to see the Founding Fathers rapping?!), podcasts, Marvel comics & movies, and chocolate covered coffee beans!


Executive Director

Rabbi Kevin Solomon is a second generation Messianic Jewish Rabbi. He completed his undergraduate work at Georgia Tech in Atlanta and his graduate work at Emory University. Rabbi Kevin completed his Yeshiva training with the IAMCS where he holds his Rabbinic Ordination. Rabbi Kevin has served since 1993 on the Executive Board of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) and other non-profit organizations. He is a former President of the Young Messianic Jewish Alliance and currently serves in an advisory role as Executive Director. Rabbi Kevin loves trying out new brands of hand sanitizer, eating cheesesteaks, and making feature films with his family. He lives in Roswell, GA, with his wife, Tiffany, and two children.  

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